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logo_jacuzziJacuzzi® has been a prestigious Brand recognized at international level for 60 years, and represents the excellence in the Wellness sector, offering a complete range of products suitable for every kind of environment and placement: the bathroom, the wellness space, the garden.

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 Jacuzzi® tunes its wellness strategy creating SPECIALIST WELLNESS, an exclusive store in which you can admire and touch the Jacuzzi creations and breathe the history, the quality and the design that has always charactarized the brand. 




The creation of a successful project requires specific technological, architectural and utilization knowledges which cannot be ignored.

JWR Salento offers a staff of professionals (store manager, visual, architect and technical service), who will follow every single project from pre to post sale, contextualizing it with uniqueness and exclusivity to ensure a high level of excellence.

Comfortable treasure chests to take refuge in.




With Jacuzzi®, well-being takes shape.



In the water lies the secret of health.



 JWR carries out its activity while taking advantage of the collaboration of companies which represent the excellence in their reference sector. 


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